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By Ghedini, , 9.00" by 6.00", 220 pages, published 1982, 1 Lb. 2 Ozs. ship wt., $19.95.

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This book is one of the nicest presentations of theory and software we have ever seen. Indispensable for both the advanced amateur and professional working with data generated by photometric astronomy.

The author has blended both theory (text and formulae) and actual computer programs (Hewlett-Packard BASIC) into what will become the standard against which future work will be measured.

Included are: Julian Date and Decimals of Day Conversion; Greenwich Mean Sidereal Time at 0 Hour at UT (GMST); Local Mean and Apparent Sidereal Time; Hour Angle; Air Mass; Reduction For Precession; Standard Reduction to the U.B.V. Color System; First Order Atmospheric Extinction Coefficients; Second Order Atmospheric Extinction Coefficients; Photometric Scale Factors; Heliocentric Correction of Times; Eclipsing Binary Systems; Epoch of Minimum Light; Eclipsing Binary Systems; Contact Times; O-C Residuals Evaluation; Interpretation of the O-C Diagram; Time Phase Conversion; Ephemeris of Periodic Variable Stars; Periodic Phenomena in Variable Stars; Period Analysis; Fourier Waveform Analysis; Non-periodic Phenomena in Variable Stars; Determination of the Elements of Eclipsing Binary Stars and Spectra and Color Indices.