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by T.C. Van Flanders and K.F. Pulkkinen,
19 page re-print of article which appeared in Vol. 41,
No. 3 of The Astrophysical Journal-Supplement Series .
11.00" by 8.00",

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This paper gives low-precision (1 arc minute) formulae for geocentric and heliocentric positions of the Sun, Moon and planets (Pluto to about 15 arc minutes) which are valid for any epoch within 300 years of the present. Included is a table of Trigonometric Series. Numerous applications exist for these formulae. Examples are automatic telescope setting, spacecraft orientation, tidal theory, and planetarium projector setting. With the power of computerized formula manipulators which can handle algebraic and trigonometric expressions, the development of simple expressions for coordinates and elements for existing analytic theories is now feasible. This paper presents the results of such developments in a form suitable for use with hand calculators, minicomputers, or microprocessors.