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AIP4Win2.0 On-line Registration

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We are pleased to announce the release of AIP4Win version 2.4.0.

Here is how to go about installing this new version

  1. Before you can install v2.4.0, you must un-install your old version of AIP4Win. To remove the old version use the Windows "Add and Remove Programs" utility on the Control Panel. Your current settings from the old version will be retained in the Windows Registry and loaded into v2.4.0.
  2. To install this update, download the release package:
    Click here for dowload from Site #1
  3. Place the install package (AIP4WinSetup on your computer's desktop.
  4. Un-Zip AIP4WinSetup and place the extracted file (AIP4WinV2.4.0.EXE) on your computer's desktop. Do not attempt to install the program directly from within the ZIP file.
  5. Run the install package by double-clicking on AIP4WinSetup 8-8-18.EXE.
  6. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete installation.
  7. If you experience download problems read this.

AIP4Win v2.4.0 is more powerful and more science-ready than ever before:

  1. Magnitude Measurement Tool (MMT) enhancements for stellar photometry.
    • Opens, calibrates, and runs photometry for time-sequence photometry.
    • Supports interleaved multi-filter (BVRI and Sloan) photometry.
    • Direct generation of AAVSO Extended and CBA format reports.
    • Raw photometry, instrumental magnitude, and data-dump formats.
    • Improved guide-star tracking for long time-sequence datasets.
  2. New Magnitude Extraction Tool (MXT) for stellar photometry.
    • Opens, calibrates, and runs photometry automatically.
    • Extracts magnitude data for every star for any number of images.
    • Optimized for variable star and exoplanet searches.
    • Extracts filtered magnitude data for color-magnitude diagrams.
  3. Support for Citizen Science photometry with DSLR cameras.
    • On opening, convert raw to green-channel grayscale images.
    • Automatic dark-frame and flat-fielding in photometry.
    • Output compatible with Citizen Science spreadsheets.
  4. Series Analysis Tool: Measure image statistics and image quality.
    • Measures sets of hundreds of images automatically.
    • Provides analysis of sub-exposures and time-sequence data.
    • Provides listing of whole-image stats (min, max, mean, median, etc.)
    • Tracks single pixel values for cold-pixel/hot-pixel diagnostics.
    • Tracks star FWHM, PeakPV, roundness, etc.  to assess image quality.
    • Automatically ranks image quality in 5 levels (---, -, 0, +, +++).
  5. Opens raw images from recent-model DSLR cameras.
  6. Improved processing for Bayer-array camera images.
    • Supports 16-bit raw Bayer-array images in FITS format.
    • Automatic de-Bayerization when stacking images.
    • Greater range of de-Bayerization options.
  7. Numerous changes and improvements to many processes.
  8. Reproducible software bugs reported by users are corrected.

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