MegaStar V4.x Program Updates

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Click on "Help | About" in MegaStar to see what version you are currently running. The most recent update is V4.0.36, released December 18, 2001.

Version history:

V4.0.10 fixed the following bugs:

V4.0.20 fixed the following bugs:

  • The NGC-MAX and Sky Commander interfaces did not function properly.
  • The star magnitude labels would not display in clipboard charts.
  • The entire asteroid database could not be listed in Windows 3.1.

V4.0.21 fixed the following bugs:

  • If the field crossed 0h RA, some star proper names and SAO labels were missing.
  • When adding a comet, if a single digit were entered for the perihelion day, the comet entry would be corrupted.
  • The LX200 Synchronize function was re-implemented.

V4.0.22 fixed the following bug:

  • The "Print" button did not work in the Double Star and Database Utility listing functions.

V4.0.23 fixed the following bug:

  • MegaStar was unable to plot tracks for asteroids later that "1998 F" in the Lowell database.

V4.0.24 fixed the following bugs:

  • The disgital readouts for the NGC-MAXand Sky Commander did not work properly.
  • MegaStar was unable to locate auxiliary objects using secondary designations.
  • When clicking on an NSO list entry to locate it, if the declination was between 0 and -1 degrees, the display would center on a positive declination.

V4.0.25 fixed the following bugs:

  • Asteroid tracks were not saved between sessions.
  • The ability to put comets and asteroids into the Sky Commander upload file was added.

V4.0.26 makes the following changes:

  • The Telrad circle sizes can be adjusted to accommodate variations in individual Telrads. A two-circle overlay can be obtained by entering a negative value for one of the diameters.
  • The number of segments in the "List/Locate Asteroids" function was increased to handle up to 48,000 asteroids.
  • When slewing an LX200 to a declination between 0 and -1 degrees, the declination sign would become reversed.

V4.0.27 fixed the following bugs:

  • MegaStar was not Y2K compliant. Although there was not a problem computing solar system positions when a fixed 2000 date was specified, it would fail if computing from the PC system clock in 2000.
  • When printing charts, a blank area would occur if the 0 RA line intersected the left of right edge of the chart.
  • The date entry dialog boxes would not accept February 29 on valid leap years.

V4.0.28 added the ability to read RealSky image data from a hard drive.

V4.0.29 added the ability to plot USNO-A2.0 data. View the documentation on using this feature.

V4.0.30 fixes a problem with entering "00" as the year for setting the LX200 date.

V4.0.31 added basic brightness and contrast adjustment of RealSky images. A new version of "rs.exe" (available below) was required to access this new feature. Note that the added functions were implemented as hot key controls only.

V4.0.32 corrects a plotting problem with the USNO A2.0 data. It also corrects a bug in the reporting of the emission redshift (z(em)) of quasars.

V4.0.33 corrects a problem with the initialization of the star alignment dialog for Tangent encoder devices.

V4.0.35 corrects a problem with the rise and set times reported in the object data boxes.

V4.0.36 corrects a problem with selecting and saving location names in the "Options | Location" dialog box.

After downloading any of the following replacement files, unzip them and place them in the MegaStar "working" directory or "start in" folder.

Download (V4.0.36 B, 542KB)

If you experience download problems read this.

To use the RealSky image brightness controls added in V4.0.31 (and/or access RealSky from a hard drive) you will need to download (84KB). The file "readme.txt" contains instructions.

To use RealSky data from a hard drive, you will need to download (212KB) and follow the instructions in the file "loadrs.txt" (which is contained in the zip file).

If you experience download problems read this.

If you encounter a problem locating variable stars, download

If you experience download problems read this.

If you encounter any Help screens which have a corrupted format, download the following corrected help file. Replace the "megastar.hlp" file in your MegaStar working directory. Download

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