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About this software

Veikko Kanto, co-author of the Cookbook Camera has created CBWinCam, a graphical interface Windows program for both CB245 and CB211 Cookbook Cameras. Richard Berry authored the Help files. This software runs on Microsoft Windows® 95, 98, ME. It does not run directly on Windows® NT and 2000 computers. (However, there is a workaround for Windows® NT and 2000 computers. See for a program called PortTalk). The minimum recommended computer requirements are a Pentium® 100MHz system, 10 megs of hard disk space and 16 megs of memory.

CBWinCam adds significant new capabilities to the Cookbook camera. No changes to the camera itself are required to run the software. The software supports shutters and autoguiding. Among the enhancements are:

Runs on very fast computers,
Automatic delay time setting,
756 x 242 image mode,
756 x 483 image mode,
15-bit line-by-line bias-correction (for low noise),
Drift scan imaging,
Super-focus mode,
Plus, much, much more.

What to do after you have downloaded this file

First, run cbinstall.exe which will expand the CBWinCam install files plus a file named Readme.txt. Before you begin the install process, read the Readme.txt files for specific instructions.

Terms and Conditions

Various elements of this software are Copyright © 1994-2000 by Veikko Kanto, John Munger and Richard Berry. All rights are reserved. This software is provided free to purchasers of their book, The CCD Camera Cookbook, if downloaded directly from this site. The software can also be purchased on a CDROM for $10.00 plus $1.00 handling for delivery in the United States (Foreign orders, Airmail $9.00 postage additional, for guaranteed delivery registration is an additional $7.25). You may install and use CBWinCam package on your computer to operate your Cookbook Camera. However, you are not permitted to copy and/or distribute all or any portion of the program and its associated support files.

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