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The CCD Camera Cookbook Software Upgrade

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Includes written instructions and IBM-PC software, 6 Ozs. ship wt. $19.95

211PLUS and 245PLUS are second generation image acquisition programs and circuit modifications for the CCD cameras described in The CCD Camera Cookbook. If you are just beginning the construction of your Cookbook Camera, we strongly recommend that you build your camera exactly as described in the book and get it working using the assembly and acquisition software provided with the book before making these modifications.

Sold Only To Registered CCD Camera Cookbook Owners. Please provide software registration number when ordering. If you have not registered your book (registration card is found in the software envelop affixed on the inside back cover) you must mail or FAX a copy of the filled out card to (804) 272-5920 before we will ship. If the card has been lost a copy of the diskette showing the serial number is acceptable.

211PLUS And 245PLUS Imaging Software Features Includes:

  • Streamlined Data Entry.
  • Immediate Image Display.
  • Instant Histograms.
  • Quick-Save Key.
  • Software and Camera Settings Stored.
  • Brighter Deep-Sky Image Display.
  • Automatic Drift Subtraction.
  • Improved 378-Wide Focusing.
  • Continuous Find/Focus AutoScaling.
  • Full-Frame View Mode.
  • Enhanced Multiple Image Mode.
  • Complete Image Clearing.
  • Easier File Handling.
  • Improved FITS Support.
  • Arrow Keys Move Your Telescope (If you have built an autoguider interface, the arrow keys on your keyboard now control your telescope's drive motors directly.)
  • Independent Integration Times.
  • Screen Dark During Integration.

Cookbook 245 Hardware Modifications: Instructions tell you how to modify your Cookbook 245 camera so that the dark current is about ten times lower. This modification allows your Cookbook 245 Low-Dark-Current (LDC) camera to make longer integrations, and it also permits you to record as many stars and as much nebulosity as you do now with significantly shorter integration times. Anyone who built the standard Cookbook 245 can make these simple modifications. You will solder extra resistors and capacitors to the interface card dead-bug style, make an additional plug and ribbon cable, and construct a small circuit card that mounts piggyback on the preamp card.

Cookbook 211 Hardware Modifications: Adds correlated double sampling (CDS), lowers the dark current by a factor of twenty (LDC), and reduces the amplifier electroluminesence (ER) seen in upper left corner of the image. These modifications make your Cookbook 211 camera significantly more sensitive, allowing longer integrations with lower noise levels. Anyone who built the standard Cookbook 211 can make these modifications. The improvement in performance is well worth your time and effort to make them.

The Cookbook 211 Correlated Double Sampling (CDS) and Low Dark-Current (LDC) modifications are made by adding components to the existing interface and preamp cards. The CDS and LDC modifications should be made at the same time. The Cookbook 211 electroluminescence reduction (ER) modification requires mounting a piggyback perfboard circuit in the interface card box.

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