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The MICA Version 2.0 ICRF radio source catalog contains information compiled from files on the ICRF web site. Basic coordinate data, IERS/IERF designations and ICRF source category were obtained from the list of ICRF radio sources. A selection of alternate object ID's were obtained from the ICRF source designation 'Dictionary of Definition' file. Note that the MICA catalog file only contains a subset of the alternate source designations listed in the 'Dictionary of Definition' file. Physical characteristics of the radio sources (visual magnitudes, type of object, redshift and flux) were obtained from the ICRF radio source physical characteristics file. In the description below, 'C' stands for a single character and 'S' for the sign.

The following fields are contained within each entry in the MICA/ICRF Radio Source catalog:

IERS Designation (C8)

The format of the IERS designation in MICA is simply 'HHMMSDDd'. This is a searchable field. Examples: '2200+420'. This designation was previously constructed from B1950 coordinates. The complete format, including catalog acronym and epoch in addition to the coordinates, is given by IERS BHHMM+DDd or IERS BHHMM-DDd.
ICRF Designation (C21)
This designation was constructed from J2000.0 coordinates with the format ICRF JHHMMSS.s+DDMMSS or ICRF JHHMMSS.s-DDMMSS. This follows the recommendations of the IAU Task Group on Designations. This is a searchable field. Example: 'ICRF J220243.2+421639'
Third or Fourth Cambridge Radio Survey (C11)
This is a searchable field. Examples: '4C 40.01' or '3C 138'
Ohio catalogue of radio sources (C8)
This is a searchable field. Examples: 'OB 343', 'OI 090.4', 'OY 401'
Parkes Catalog of Radio Sources (C12)
This is a searchable field. Examples: 'PKS 0003-066', 'PKS 0106+01';
Other catalog ID's (C16)
This field contains an alternate ID for the source which may be from the NRAO, S4, ZW, GC, PB, IRAS, NGC, etc. catalogs. This is a searchable field. Examples: 'IRAS 01475-0740', 'S4 0133+47', 'NRAO 150', etc.
V (F6.1)
Apparent Visual Magnitude (mv). This is a searchable field>.
Cat (C1)
ICRF Category of the Source - (D=Defining, C=Candidate, O=Other, N=New).
Object Type (C2)
Type of Object: Q=quasar, G=galaxy, L=BL Lac, ?L=BL Lac candidate, A=other.
Z (F5.3)
Redshift (unitless), If the Z is preceeded by a ">" prefix this means the value given is a lower limit.
Flux (F5.2)
Flux density in Janskys at 6 cm (5 GHz).