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Solar System Ephemerides

MICA Version 2.0 utilizes the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) DE405 ephemerides for position calculations of the Sun, Moon and major planets. The DE405 ephemerides provide barycentric equatorial rectangular coordinates for the period 1600 to 2201 (Standish, 1998). MICA Version 2.0 includes a subset of the DE405 period, from 1800 to 2050. Note that the MICA Version 1.x ephemeris was derived from DE200 and covered the period from 1990 to 2005. The MICA Version 2.0 extended ephemeris enables historical calculations as well as predictions several years into the future.

The reference frame for the basic DE405 ephemerides is the ICRF; the alignment onto this frame has an estimated accuracy of 1-2 milliarcseconds. The ephemerides have been developed in a barycentric reference system using a barycentric coordinate time scale Teph, which in MICA is assumed to be equivalent to TDB.

Asteroid Ephemerides

MICA Version 2.0 utilizes the USNO/AE98 ephemerides for various asteroid position computations (Hilton, 1999). These computations are included in the MICA Version 2.0: Positions, Rise/Set/Transit, Configurations (Asteroids and Skymap), and Phenomena (Conjunctions, Oppositions) tasks. MICA Version 2.0 performs computations for fifteen of the largest asteroids: Ceres, Cybele, Davida, Eunomia, Europa, Flora, Hebe, Hygiea, Interamnia, Iris, Juno, Metis, Pallas, Psyche, and Vesta.

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